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Why Brimkie?

Yes, there are many reasons to choose and support our cause. And even so, take a look at the ones we think are most important:

Saving the environment

As Brimkie, we aim to bring environmental awareness. That’s why we only use recycled yarn. Cotton recycling prevents unneeded wastage and can be a more…


Each and every product produced by the women knitters behind Brimkie is hypoallergenic. That means the product is less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to non-hypoallergenic…

Protecting women from vulnerable groups

Our cause has yet another aspect: we try to solve problem of unemployment rate. The North-West planning region [of Bulgaria] remained the region with the…

Original & Handmade

Our products are unique, one of a kind, & handmade with a lot of love.

About Brimkie

Established in 2019, Brimkie is a starting social enterprise. We offer jobs to women from vulnerable groups who are handmaking, with a lot of care, ecological toys, accessories, and other products by knitting them with recycled cotton yarn, produced in

The process of work

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